Continuous Monitoring

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Are Your Current Employees Engaging in Criminal Behavior or Committing Driving Violations?

You background check for criminal behavior before you hire, and it makes just as much sense to check for criminal behavior during employment. Crime in the workplace is a major concern for business. It can endanger the welfare of employees and cause business performance issues. If your employee engages in criminal activity, you need to know. Continuous Criminal Monitoring regularly scans nationwide criminal databases for criminal activity of your employees. It provides continuous monitoring, enabling identification of at-risk behaviors that may be cause for termination.

Hire Image’s driver monitoring services continuously monitors driver licenses across the U.S. Driver monitoring covers 49 states and DC, with different levels of violation and license status reporting. One state (MS) does not report any information. Should states with limited reporting release more information, the service will automatically include new information as it becomes available from the state.

Types of Continuous Monitoring

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