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Investigations into Criminal History

What Is a Criminal Background Check?

A criminal background check is an investigation into a person’s past to determine if that person has any criminal history. Criminal background checks are usually included in a pre-employment background check to make hiring or promotion decisions, or to decide whether to use the person’s services. Criminal background checks may search national, federal, state, and county courts.

Hire Image offers several types of national, federal, state, and county criminal background checks. The following indicates the criminal records searches that we offer, what they’re best used for, and the different search options available to you, your company or organization.

Why Choose Criminal Background Checks

Why Choose Criminal
Background Checks?

Many employers choose to conduct a criminal background check to mitigate the risks of a bad hire. Criminal background checks help in determining if an applicant is trustworthy and/or whether he or she potentially presents any threats to the business or to others. Comprehensive criminal background screenings can help create a safe workplace, protect the company’s assets, safeguard the company’s reputation, defend negligent hiring claims, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Simply, criminal background checks assess the risk of a new hire. They are not intended to automatically prevent an employer from hiring someone. Rather, they provide employers with the knowledge to make their own educated decisions.

What Shows Up On A
Criminal Background Check?

Criminal background checks show felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions, as well as pending criminal cases, adult incarcerations, and active warrants. Criminal background checks may also include a Sex Offender Registry check to determine if the applicant is currently registered as a sex offender in any state. Different types of criminal record checks may reveal different offenses, depending on the court records that are searched.

What shows up on a criminal background check
Verify info on a criminal background check

What We Do To Verify The Information In A Criminal Background Check

Our team reviews every criminal record for accuracy and reportability. We will not automatically return the results from our researchers without our compliance review. We also search for triple identifiers to ensure your person matches whatever record is returned, beyond the industry standard for two identifiers.

Our system also adds additional criminal searches based on information provided by the applicant, and our trained staff reviews the data to determine any additional jurisdictions to search or to determine if a better search (statewide vs. county) is available.

The Director of Criminal Records, who has extensive former law enforcement experience and an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice and court systems, verifies if the information obtained is reportable under jurisdictional law and whether the employer has set limitations on the information with which they wish to be provided.

How Long Does A Criminal
Background Check Take?

The time within which criminal background check results may be returned vary greatly from a few hours to two to three days or longer. Criminal background checks that include searches for criminal records at the county level may take several days, depending on the county (some do not have digital records, and some require the assistance of a court employee).

How long does a criminal background check take
How do I start a criminal background check

How Do I Start A Criminal
Background Check?

Getting started is simple! Let us know how many checks you need, provide some information about your company, then select the package that fits your needs. Our packages include a Nationwide Criminal Databases search and Sex Offender Registry search. We also offer options to customize your background checks with add-on searches, such as Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks, Education Verification, and Employment Verification, for a more complete background check.

Employers that use a background check company, such as Hire Image, to run a background check must follow federal, state, and even local laws that regulate employment screening. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) sets out requirements for consumer reporting agencies (employment screeners like Hire Image), as well as rules that the employers who use the reports must follow.

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