Executive & Board Level Searches

Protecting organizations by screening applicants at every level.

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Minimize Risk & Protect Your Company

Your executives and board of directors are justifiably held to a higher standard. Not only do they represent your company, they also generally have access to the company’s most confidential records, including financials, personnel, and trade secrets, and have more influence over others. They also have unique educational and professional experiences. As such, a more thorough, detailed background check is required.

Our executive and board level search will help reduce risk and protect your company and reputation by providing a comprehensive report of your applicant’s professional and personal history.

Types of Executive and Board Searches

Verification Notes:

Hire Image provides five attempts at hard contact for verifications. Hard contact includes:

  • Directly speaking to the confirmed source
  • Directly faxing to the confirmed source
  • Directly emailing to the confirmed source
  • Leaving a voice message for the confirmed source at their

A source is confirmed when we have located the correct entity (i.e. school/college, business entity, certifying agency) and identified the correct person to respond to the request.

Verifications may be subject to access fees that are charged by the source and are subject to change without notice. Access fees are in addition to Hire Image’s price per verification. International verifications may incur international calling and faxing charges.

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